President's January 2015 Newsletter

Mon, 01/05/2015 - 09:51


Dear Members of the West MI CPCU Chapter:

Happy New Year!

At this time of year it’s pretty normal to make New Year’s resolutions…lose weight, exercise more, save more for retirement. Sound familiar? I know it does to me as I seem to make all of these resolutions every year.

As we go in to 2015, I would encourage, even challenge you to include more volunteer work as one of goals to try to work towards this year. I would encourage you to try and volunteer in at least two areas.

First of all, the West MI Chapter of CPCU needs you! We can’t continue to operate without volunteers. Please consider chairing or working on a committee. We have many needs for help and will gladly help you find a role that suits your interests and time commitments. Please reach out to any Board Member if you are willing to help. As Insurance Professionals, we should all strive to give back to the industry that has given us so much.

Second, there are many organizations out there that live and breathe through volunteerism. Find one that you can be passionate about and volunteer some time. I guarantee you that you will most likely get as much or more out of your efforts than what you are giving. If you decide to act on this challenge (and as a Board we hope you do), please let us know. We would love to put stories and/ or letters on our web-site about these experiences. Who knows, by sharing your experiences you might get others to work or donate to an organization close to your heart.

I hope you seriously consider volunteering in 2015, you won’t be sorry!

I hope you all have a fantastic year!

Jim Heyboer, CPCU, LIC

President W MI CPCU

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