President's January 2017 Newsletter

Wed, 01/11/2017 - 16:03

Greetings members of the Western Michigan CPCU Chapter,

I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays with your friends and family, and are ready to begin a new year.  We have already been hard at work as a Board to organize events and activities for 2017.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming meetings and hope that we will make great strides this year to add value to our members and ensure we have the best experience possible.

In reflecting on 2016, it was a big year for the CPCU Society bringing in the largest class of New Designees at 7,583.  Our Chapter welcomed 14 new designees as well and we hope that these individuals will become active members of our Chapter this year.   With the experienced increase seen, it has led to initiatives for retention for Chapters and also value added services,  like continuing education availability through our partnership with The Institutes.

We also saw many changes within the insurance business as well, with softening prices and potentially volatile interest rate environment.  As we all look to 2017, as leaders in our prospective roles, it will be important that we ensure that we continue to meet customer expectations and stay current with trends that will affect our industry going forward (like rise of insurance technology, our aging workforce, and cyber security).

As CPCU members, I think that we see change and market concerns as opportunities, as we are leaders in our respective fields.  This not only includes leading by example, but facing challenges head on and extending our knowledge to others.  Always remember that leadership is not a position.  It is an action that can be done by anyone regardless of their title.  I challenge all members to embrace your leadership opportunities that are provided to you and make 2017 the most productive year yet!

Thank you and I look forward to all that is to come,


Beau Barnum CPCU

Western Michigan CPCU Society Chapter – President

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