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Tue, 11/19/2019 - 16:44

Please see the message below from Heather Decker, our November speaker.


Link to the Kent County Toys for Tots web page

Link to Kent County drop off sites

Link to the Toy Warehouse sorting sign up


We endeavor to spend as little as possible on running our program. The National Toys for Tots Foundation has about 8 paid employees that are paid out of a grant set up decades ago for that purpose. No donated money goes to pay a salary. The Foundation has relationships with many of the large corporation in the US and is able to purchase toys at huge discounts due to volume. Locally we try to keep the money in the community by spending the majority of the money collected here in our local stores.

In 2018 we provided toys for 10,700 kids. We try to provide a main gift with a value of $25 to $30 for each child, along with a couple stocking stuffers. Parents may also pick up a book, ball, game or stuffed animal if they are available. By allowing the parents to “shop” at our distribution sites parents are able to pick just the right gift the same way you and I do when we go to a store or shop on-line.

We are in need of:

  • More drivers to drop off boxes and pick up toys at local business. Box drop offs are done early in November. Toy pick up is done the week before distribution day. Some drivers use their own vehicles while others use the two vans loaned to us by the Watson Dealership in Rockford.

  • People to pick up toys at after toy drive events, such as this. In the past this was a task that the Marines took on when they were here in Kent County.

  • People to sort toys at the warehouse. Our busy week is the week leading up to distribution day when the drivers are picking up toys.

  • We welcome anyone who is looking to become more involved as a Kent County Toys for Tots member.


Issue we face is this years is 15k less after Toys R Us closed. We are trying to offset that loss of funds and raise additional funds.  That money was used to purchase toys for areas we are typically have a shortage of which is usually older kids gifts.  

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